The software designed for plant management is designed to be simple to use and fluid in execution. Thanks to the experience gained in more than 25 years of work and to the suggestions of customers, the graphic interface is intuitive and appealing. The system is compatible with any device, allowing control of functions at any time.


Enter the scene. Enjoy the best films, your favorite games or programs for your family choosing them through a single interface. Our software allows you with a simple touch to choose what you want to see: Sky, Apple TV, Kaleidescape, Blu Rays, DVDs and many others. Each device in the room can be recalled from the comfort of your sofa, giving you the best entertainment whenever you want.


Recreate the perfect light scenario and decide the mood of the evening in a few simple gestures. Through the VBS interface it is possible to control lighting in any room in the house, even in remote. Decide on the intensity, the color, or call up the preset scenarios to better enjoy the moments of relaxation, leisure or to impress your guests with settings of effect.