VBS was founded in 1990, thanks to a strong love for music and sound reproduction systems. The experience and expertise acquired over time with new technologies have rapidly risen VBS to the status of leaders in the development of domotic systems for Home Living and boating. From the hospitality to residential sector, we develop integration of systems with efficient user interfaces

that can run independently numerous functions: lighting, video surveillance, climate control, entertainment, management of audio and video components. The goal is to integrate the most innovative technologies in the environment: to make intelligent equipment, facilities and systems, in order to ensure that the user lives in spaces that are comfortable, modern, elegant and functional at the same time.

What are the benefits?

  • energy saving
  • simplification
  • security
  • control
  • comfort
  • well-being


The VBS team consists of an integrated group of professionals: computer scientists, engineers, designers, experts in the electrical and electronic sector collaborate to the development of projects and interface with architects, interior decorators and lighting designers, to find the most suitable technological solutions to any environment. The best skills, to offer the customer a high quality service.



To design systems that integrate perfectly with the environment, to increase safety, functionality and comfort. We want to simplify the activities carried out in the home and offer greater control over them:

  • audio and video systems
  • lighting control
  • video surveillance
  • switching of household appliances
  • climate control
  • data network
  • Energy management

We take care of the design, installation and maintenance of the systems. User interfaces are user-friendly, safe and reliable.
System automation and integration act with a view to energy saving and simplification of day-to-day activities, especially repetitive ones.