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(eng) Cannata & Partners is a group of designers and architects who work with light. The company claims that the light is an integral part of the architecture, able to improve both aesthetic and from a functional standpoint.

The company uses lighting to tell the story of the architect and best express the identity of their projects and to produce exciting and emotional environments of everyday life by creating conditions

to Comfort and well-being for humans. Each work is a new challenge and comes from a close collaboration with the customer, in order to better understand the direction and needs.

The company’s business includes lighting for home, garden lighting, for the hospitality, office and street lighting. The company develops projects in which sustainability and energy saving are the basics.




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Steinway Lyngdorf is a trademark of high-end audio systems, which has developed a system capable of reproducing the sound of a Steinway grand piano, with such accuracy as to make it impossible to distinguish between a real piano and a recording.

The design is inspired by Steinway grand pianos, with the traditional black satin lacquer and an optional custom finish.

I Steinway Lyngdorf products systems include the “Perfect Room” technology, which allows systems to adapt to the acoustic characteristics of any environment.

The systems are handcrafted and made of expensive materials, including gold, brass and aluminum. It takes more than 170 hours of work to assemble a system.