Showroom VBS at MAM – La Bottega

Comfort, design and technology. A complete union of characteristics that turns ordinary into extraordinary.
VBS creates a tailor-made habitat that aim to enhance wellness and simplify the use of technology. Connecting climate control, lighting, audio, video, security systems and automation plants it is possible to manage and regulate all the devices with simple gestures either at home or in remote through your smartphone.
The lighting system self-regulates the amount of light in the environment to offer the perfect scenario, while the audio activates at your arrival home following you as you move through the rooms.
Along with this, you may want to relax under an emotional led-lightened shower and then enjoy afterwards the home cinema system on your couch or bed.
And as you fall asleep, the software takes care of closing curtains, regulating climate and lighting to enhance your comfort, saving on energy consumtion.
Your home will eventually be your tailor-made habitat, as VBS turns every moment of the day in a once-in-a-lifetime event.

The Smart House is located inside “MAM – La Bottega della Ceramica”, Naples, in via Nuova del Campo, 16.
The staff will be pleased to guide you through the incredible experience of the “smart living”.


VBSamministrazione April 7, 2016 Events