project description

Hotel Restaurant and SPA


Langosteria 10

About the project:

The structure partly already existed. VBS redesigned all electronic systems in order perform lighting, sound and climate management. An additional rooms’ acoustic advisory was eventually requested.

VBS’ solution:

The whole system has been realized implementing user-friendly control softwares that opportunely organize and supervise all of the requested equipment.
All of the technologies and their energy consumption are easily manageable through elegant touch screens and personal portable devices.
It is now possible for the user to change settings and supervise all that redards lightening, temperature and musical programs.
An additional ‘cigar’ setting activates air extractors in precise areas of the restaurant.
Precise analysis and intervention on rooms’ acoustics was carried out by conducting several on-site inspections in order to carefully measure echoing time of all of the areas. Walls have been upgraded for the lowest sound dispersal and the highest music enjoyment, offering café’s guests a genuine pleasure stay.