project description

vbs, cannata lighting desing
Hotel Restaurant and SPA


Casa Angelina Hotel

About the project:

A 5 star hotel built on a cliff within the colourful setting of the Amalfi coast. The place is characterized by its extreme elegance and by the wonderful landscape viewable from its numerous balconades. Customer’s request was to provide this magnficent hotel with new generation technologies for audio, video and lighting control in respect of general intern design.

VBS’s solution:

VBS’s work now allows the user to interact with the technologies installed in an efficient and flawless manner. Each area is in fact being controlled through user-friendly touch screen panels and mobile devices (i.e. IPhone, IPad, Android).
From the entrance to the exteriors, from the restaurant to the swimming pool, the audio system spread music at high quality in every corner of the public spaces through customized speakers tailored to fit in the elegant environment.
Thanks to the collaboration with the renowned lighting design studio ‘Cannata Factory’ the lighting system has got a true artistic verve, and with VBS technology it is now possible to recreate through the dedicated controls the perfect atmosphere for any event.
Eventually, an HD video system with high quality TV screens provides a pleasant entertainment to all guests.