project description

Auditorium e Uffici


Auditorium and meeting rooms Mauri SPA


The customer has an intense meeting activity, and for this reason he conceived the idea to realize an elegant and multi-function meeting room. His request was to guarantee the highest comfort to his guests and the maximum enjoyability of meetings’ speeches through a flawless and entertaining presentation and conference equipment. Moreover he requested an efficient audio/video equipment in other smaller meeting rooms.

VBS’ solution:

VBS realized a meeting room that allows to host conferences and seminaries, due to its comfortable space and a wide range of multimedia devices.
Particular focus was given to the implementation of control for lighting, climate and automation systems, ensuring multiple connection availability for all sorts of mobile devices, computers and video-projectors.
The user has now the possibility to easily customize with few simple touches environmental technologies’ settings according to all sorts of incipient necessity, interacting on lights, temperature and musical programs.
Check system allows supervision of all the devices in the room.